Type 66R4(304L) 66R8(316L): Stainless steel fitting with wide rotating flange, welded massive thread

Minimum size : 1″ ½.

Maximum Size : M45×2.

Material : Stainless steel.

Type : Big deep drawn flange- Massive welded thread.

Stainless steel fitting with wide rotating flange

Fully 316L or 304L stainless steel.

Available in 1″1/4, 1″1/2, M42x2.

Allows the assembly of heating elements by TIG welding, brazing or resin filling.

Ground terminal.

Silicone gasked or FKM (Viton), type O-Ring.

Stainless steel ring.

Stainless steel screws.

Available in unassembled version (to allow TIG welding heating elements on the lower disk) or assembled version (for brazing).

Main references


Composition Références en 304L Références en 316L
1½” 66R4A3T*****0000



①+② 66R4A3T*****0005 66R8A3T*****0005
M45×2 66R4MDT*****0000



①+② 66R4MDT*****0005 66R8MDT*****0005


2D&3D Drawing