Type 66NL(Brass) 66NI(304) 66NT(316) 66NK(Brass Nickel plated): Lock nuts for fittings, in 304, 316 stainless steel, and brass

Minimum size : ½ “.

Maximum Size : M77 × 2.

Material : 304, 316 stainless steel, and brass.

Type : Nuts.

Lock nuts for fittings used in immersion heaters or thermostats, temperature sensors or level sensors

Brass, or stainless steel 304 or 316.

For tightening the fittings through wall.

Dimensions from ½ “to M77x2.

Main references

Dimensions Reference in
Reference in
nickel plated
Reference in
AISI 304
Reference in
AISI 304
1/2″ 66NLC01230H44000 66NKC01230H44000 66NIC01230H44000 66NTC01230H44000
3/4″ 66NLC03430H44000 66NKC03430H44000 66NIC03430H44000 66NTC03430H44000
1″ 66NLC10055H44000 66NKC10055H44000 66NIC10055H44000 66NTC10055H44000
1-1/4″ 66NLC11465H50000 66NKC11465H50000 66NIC11465H50000 66NTC11465H50000
1-1/2″ 66NLC11280H52000 66NKC11280H52000 66NIC11280H52000 66NTC11280H52000
M45×2 66NLM45280H52000 66NKM45280H52000 66NIM45280H52000 66NTM45280H52000
2″ 66NLC20080H65000 66NKC20080H65000 66NIC20080H65000 66NTC20080H65000
2-1/2″ 66NLC21280H85000 66NKC21280H85000 66NIC21280H85000 66NTC21280H85000
M77×2 66NLM77280H85000 66NKM77280H85000 66NIM77280H85000 66NTM77280H85000


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