Type 5EY, 5ET, 5EV, 5EX: Eutectic alloys fusible links, for direct handling of heavy loads


These fusible links have a response time near the highest limit requested by standard (whose threshold is 4 minutes), between 3 minutes 30 seconds and 3 minutes 50 seconds, for a temperature rise rate of 20°C/min from 25°C. Their 1.5mm metal thickness and their soldering surface make it possible to withstand directly and without multiplying mechanism the loads encountered in the opening or closing mechanisms of fire doors and shutters.


Material: Brass (Copper possible)

Surface Protection: No special surface protection

ROHS compliance: These fusible links are available in two versions

Non-ROHS compliant, using traditional alloys containing lead and cadmium, for temperatures 68°C (155°F); 72°C (162°F); 96°C (205°F); 103°C (218°F); 120°C (248°F).

– ROHS compliant, using ternary alloys based on bismuth, tin and indium, (the high cost of indium makes these models 2 to 3 times more expensive than non-Rohs types) for temperatures 60°C (140°F); 72°C (162°F); 79°C (174°F); 109°C (228°F); 117°C (242°F)

Identification: Model, temperature in °C and date of manufacture are stamped on each fusible link


– Mechanical resistance at ambient temperature: 100% in production

– Trip temperature under static load: by statistical sampling

– Trip time in temperature rise under load according to ISO 10294-4: by statistical sampling.

– Holding load 1h at 60°C or 90°C: compliant and verified by statistical sampling in production (Test according to ISO 10294-4)

– Triggering under minimum load: compliant and verified by statistical sampling in production (Test according to UL33)

Salt spray resistance: According to ISO9227-2012, subjected to a mist formed of 20% by weight of sodium chloride in distilled water, at 35°C for 5 days (120h), the fusible links retain their aptitude for the function, in the response times specified by the standard.



Welding surface (mm²) 450 650 730


Permissible maximum permissible load * (DaN)

45 65 73 100
Minimum triggering load 8N 8N 8N


Mechanical breaking load at 25°C

425 DaN 430 DaN 428 DaN 620 DaN
Response time according to ISO 10294-4 under maximum load ** 3 min. 41 sec. 3 min. 46 sec. 3 min. 42 sec.

3 min. 43 sec.

*Maximum permanent load depends on alloy composition and ambient temperature on 72°C fusible links. Values are given for guidance only, and for a 72°C non ROHS eutectic alloy. Alloys with temperatures below 72°C and those that are ROHS compliant, generally have a high proportion of Indium, which greatly reduces the mechanical strength.

** Values measured in our own testing equipment. Testing conditions and equipment comply with ISO10294-4 and ISO DIS 21925-1 2017, fig. C1


2D&3D Drawing

Main references (Non-ROHS)

Temperature Model Reference Model Reference Model Reference Model Reference
68°C (155°F) 5EY 5EY06800E0000000 5ET 5ET06800E0000000 5EV 5EV06800E0000000 5EX 5EX06800E0000000
72°C (162°F) 5EY 5EY07200E0000000 5ET 5ET07200E0000000 5EV 5EV07200E0000000 5EX 5EX07200E0000000
96°C (205°F) 5EY 5EY09600E0000000 5ET 5ET09600E0000000 5EV 5EV09600E0000000 5EX 5EX09600E0000000
103°C (218°F) 5EY 5EY10300E0000000 5ET 5ET10300E0000000 5EV 5EV10300E0000000 5EX 5EX10300E0000000
120°C (248°F) 5EY 5EY12000E0000000 5ET 5ET12000E0000000 5EV 5EV12000E0000000 5EX 5EX12000E0000000


Main references (ROHS compliant)

Temperature Model Reference Model Reference Model Reference Model Reference
60°C (140°F) 5EY 5EY06000E0R00000 5ET 5ET06000E0R00000 5EV 5EV06000E0R00000 5EX 5EX06000E0R00000
72°C (162°F) 5EY 5EY07200E0R00000 5ET 5ET07200E0R00000 5EV 5EV07200E0R00000 5EX 5EX07200E0R00000
79°C (174°F) 5EY 5EY07900E0R00000 5ET 5ET07900E0R00000 5EV 5EV07900E0R00000 5EX 5EX07900E0R00000
109°C (228°F) 5EY 5EY10900E0R00000 5ET 5ET10900E0R00000 5EV 5EV10900E0R00000 5EX 5EX10900E0R00000
117°C (242°F) 5EY 5EY11700E0R00000 5ET 5ET11700E0R00000 5EV 5EV11700E0R00000 5EX 5EX11700E0R00000