Type 5420A: Multiplied action mechanisms with thermal glass bulbs, for application in smoke outlets


Made of 3mm thick galvanized steel, these reduction mechanisms are compatible with 20x5mm thermal glass bulbs. Their huge multiplying coefficient reduces the force applied to the thermal glass bulb to only 15% of that applied to the mechanism. The replacement of the glass bulb is simple and can be done without special tools.

They withstand the 300 DaN overload during 5 minutes, and a minimal load of 0.4 DaN


Material: Zinc plated steel

– On two steel cables equipped with rope thimble

– On a steel cable equipped with rope thimble in the 6.2mm hole and a wall mounting bracket in the 8.2mm hole. These accessories are described at the end of this catalog.

ROHS compliance: These mechanisms are fully ROHS compliant.

Identification: Model and date of manufacture are stamped on each mechanism. When equipped with a thermal glass bulb, temperature set point is given by the glass bulb color


– Mechanical resistance at ambient temperature with a 300DaN overload during 5 minutes: checked by statistical sampling in production

– Triggering in temperature under minimum load of 0.4 DaN: checked by statistical sampling in production.

Salt spray resistance: According to ISO9227-2012, subjected to a mist formed of 20% by weight of sodium chloride in distilled water, at 35°C for 5 days (120h), the mechanism retains its aptitude for the function. 

Options : 304 Stainless steel models



2D&3D Drawing

 Main references


Thermal glass bulb color Reference
Without thermal glass bulb


57°C (135°F)

Orange 5420AS3330570
68°C (155°F) Red


79°C (174°F)

Yellow 5420AS3330790
93°C (199°F) Green


141°C (286°F)

Blue 5420AS3331410
182°C (360°F) Purple


(Thermal glass bulb colors are standardized by EN 12259-1 and ISO 6182-1.)