Type 4R05: Single pole manual reset disc thermostat, 1/2'', snap action. 16A 250V



Case: Phenolic resin (ceramic on request)

Sensing element: Bimetal disc

Calibration: Factory fixed setting, from 30°C to 150°C(86 à 302°F). Not adjustable. Standard calibration tolerances ±4°C to ±6°C (±39.2 to  ±42.8°F)  upon models

Terminals: 6.3 or 4.8 quick connect , or welding terminals

Differential: Manual reset

Mounting: with or without bracket

Main bracket models:

– Loose bracket, two oval holes 3.2 x 3.5, for M3 screws,  24.5 mm distance

– Flat fixed bracket, two oval holes 3.2 x 3.5, for M3 screws,  24.5 mm distance

– Flat cup bracket, two oval holes 3.2 x 4.2, for M3 screws,  24 mm distance

– M4 or M5 center stud on request

Cap materials: stainless steel (SS) or aluminum (AL)


UL: AC120V/15A, AC240V/10A

CSA: AC 125V/15A, AC250V/8A

VDE: AC 250V/16A



References PRINCIPALES (habituellement tenues en stock*)

References Open (°C/°F) Tolerance (°C/°F) Bracket style Bracket material Terminal style Terminal to bracket hole angle
4R05EJ050RMDCSV047 50°C/122°F ±4°C/±39.2°F 1 SS G N/A
4R05EJ055RMCCSVF44 55°C/131°F ±3°C/±37.4°F 4 SS G 45°
4R05EJ055RMCCSVF41 55°C/131°F ±3°C/±37.4°F 4 SS G 135°
4R05EJ065RMDCSVF44 65°C/149°F ±4°C/±39.2°F 4 SS G 45°
4R05EJ070RMDCSVM47 70°C/158°F ±4°C/±39.2°F 2 SS G N/A
4R05EJ075RMDCSVM47 75°C/167°F ±4°C/±39.2°F 2 SS G N/A
4R05EJ075RMDCSVF44 75°C/167°F ±4°C/±39.2°F 4 SS G 45°
4R05EJ085RMDCSVF44 85°C/185°F ±4°C/±39.2°F 4 SS G 45°
4R05EJ090RMDL6VM37 90°C/194°F ±4°C/±39.2°F 2 AL A N/A
4R05EJ090RMDCSVF44 90°C/194°F ±4°C/±39.2°F 4 SS G 45°
4R05EJ120RMDCSVF44 120°C/248°F ±4°C/±39.2°F 4 SS G 45°
4R05NJ150RMEL6HM37 150°C/302°F ±6°C/±42.8°F 2 AL B N/A

*: products usually available from stock in one of the Ultimheat Alliance members



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