Type 49C: Thermostats overmolded on heat tracing cables


Overmolding a disc thermostat on a heating cable allows to switch it on when the room temperature falls below a certain threshold, and to switch it off when the temperature rises.

Overmolding improves the mechanical strength of the assembly and provides a good ingress protection to water.

Thanks to the special process developed in our laboratories, Polyamide 66 injection molding does not overheat the disc of the thermostat, avoiding in this way the set point temperature drift that this operation usually brings.

Main features

Thermostat housing: Black PA66, 21x16x 30mm, IP65. Good UV resistance. Excellent cable pull strength at both ends (total length 100mm)

Part sensitive to temperature: Stainless steel cup, not over molded to improve temperature measurement.

Contact: Open by temperature rise.

Electrical rating:

-16A Resistive, 250V, 100,000 cycles, with differential 6 ° C.

– 8A resistive, 250V, 100,000 cycles, with differential 5 ° C.

Calibration temperatures: Available on request (minimum of start of production 1000 pieces applicable for specific values).

Heating cable end sealing: With a17x30x8mm PA66 over-molding.

Power supply connection: With H05VVF cord with CEE 7/7, 2 poles + earth molded plug, or with cable (3x 1.5mm², 3x1mm², 3×0.75mm²). Cable type, plug type, cable gauge and length according to customer specification. Over-molding is possible without ground conductor (2 pole plug type CEE 7/16 or 7/17 )

Connecting heating cable side: This device is over-molded on heating cable supplied by the customer only. The molding tools are then adapted to the dimensions of cables. Minimum order 1000 pcs per cable section (mixed lengths accepted).

Product identification: Reference label on the cord and coded date on the thermostat molding

Fixation: It is possible to fix the thermostat body on a tube with plastic tie

Important note: self-regulating heating cables used in heat tracing develop a significant over current peak in cold conditions (Value depends on the manufacturer). This must be taken into account for the selection of the thermostat breaking capacity.

Main references with 16A, CEE7/7 plug

References (°C) Open temperature Close temperature Cable type Cord length (L1) 250V Electrical rating (100.000cycles) 250V Electrical rating (10.000 cycles)
49C0310043XYY10P 10±3°C 4±3°C 3×1.5mm² 1m 10A 16A
49C0310043XYY15P 10±3°C 4±3°C 3×1.5mm² 1.5m 10A 16A
49C0310043XYY20P 10±3°C 4±3°C 3×1.5mm² 2m 10A 16A
49C0310043XYY50P 10±3°C 4±3°C 3×1.5mm² 5m 10A 16A
49C9308031XYY10P 8±3°C 3±2.5°C 3x1mm² 1m 8A 10A
49C9308031XYY15P 8±3°C 3±2.5°C 3x1mm² 1.5m 8A 10A
49C9308031XYY20P 8±3°C 3±2.5°C 3x1mm² 2m 8A 10A
49C9308031XYY50P 8±3°C 3±2.5°C 3x1mm² 5m 8A 10A

X= codification of the cable supplied by customer, YY= heat tracing cable length (L2)


2D&3D Drawing