Type 3AY: Electronic power control for infrared heaters,25 to 60A

Devices for temperature control in infrared heating

Electronic power control for infrared heaters,25 to 60A. IP65 housing with built in heat exchanger

 Type 3AY


Solid state relay power control, for metering power of infrared emitters between 5% and 100% of their nominal value.For use in professional and commercial premises, industrial and livestock buildings

Main Features

Set point display: potentiometer graduated in % of power.

Output: zero crossing, (no radio interference), with 10ms cycle time, for use on low thermal inertia medium and long infrared emitters.

Enclosure: 180x130x78mm, rear in aluminum with cooling fins, front in black PA66.

Protection class: IP65, with waterproof gasket on adjustment potentiometer shaft

Mounting: Wall mounting, with 4 removable legs, 70 x 96mm distance

Internal Connection: 4 ways 6mm ², ceramic terminal block. (2 power input terminals, 2 power output terminals). 2 earth terminals.

Cables Input-Output: by 2 cable glands, M20, polyamide.

Overheat protection: built in high limit disc thermostat, automatic reset, opens at 80°C.

2 pole on-off switch: Available on 25A 220-240 models only (does not allow power adjustment between 0 and 20%)

Residual voltage at off: ≤ 1.5V

Leakage current at off : ≤ 4mA

Ambient temperature: -20 to +70 ° C

Isolation Voltage: 2000VAC

Insulation resistance: 500MΩ/500VDC


-Like all solid state relays, this device dissipates about 0.5% of the power by the Joule effect.

– Install this unit in a line with a power switch and an appropriate circuit breaker.

– Not to be used for electric motors speed control



Max. power Voltage References Max. power Voltage
3AYM30100125* 25A 220-240V 3AYN30700125 25A



25A 220-240V 3AYN30700140 40A 380-400V
3AYN30100140 40A 220-240V 3AYN30700160 60A



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