Type 3AE:Devices for power control of heating elements,Electromechanical energy regulators

Devices for power control of heating elements
Electromechanical energy regulators with IP54 protection housing
Type 3AE


Cost saver solution for power control of high thermal inertia heating elements (thermal cycling device), used in
professional and commercial premises, barns, stables, hen houses, poultry breeding.

Main features

Set point display: knob graduated from min to 8.
Min position provides about 5% of the power, and 8 about 100%, non-linear curve.
Zero position provides full disconnection of line and neutral.
Output: Cyclic open and close of an electrical contact with a cycle time of 20 to 30s for use high thermal inertia heating
elements or convection heating. Not to be used on low thermal inertia medium and long infrared emitters.
Electrical rating:12A 250V
Enclosure: 120 x 70 x 65mm, rear in aluminum with cooling fins, front in black PA66.
Protection class: IP54
Mounting: Wall mounting, with 4 removable legs, 70 x 96mm distance
Internal Connection: 4 ways 6mm ?, ceramic terminal block. (2 power input terminals, 2 power output terminals ). 2
earth terminals.
Cables Input-Output: by 2 cable glands, M20, polyamide.
Residual voltage at off: 0V
Leakage current at off : 0 mA
Ambient temperature: -20 to +70 ? C
Insulation Voltage: 1500VAC
Insulation resistance: 50MΩ/500VDC
– Install this unit in a line with an appropriate circuit breaker.
– Not to be used for electric motor speed control

Main references


Voltage Reference Voltage
3AER102TF024V 24V 3AER101TF230V



48V 3AER104TF400V 400V
3AER105TF110V 110V  


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