Type: 2PE2P6 Electronic thermostat, multi range, control and manual reset action, for incorporation, Pt100 sensor

Main features

This electronic thermostat for incorporation has been designed to replace electromechanical thermostats. It is mounted with two screws M4 at the same distance 28 mm, uses a 6mm dia. shaft with 4.6mm flat with the same length, and its rotation angle is 230 °. Therefore temperature ranges are quite the same than those of the bulb and capillary thermostats. Its electrical rating (16A) is identical.

It additionally features adjustable temperature differential, and heating or cooling relay output setting, and control or manual reset action can be set.

Action: On-Off .

Size: 61 x 43 x 35 mm. 

Temperature sensor: Pt100

Temperature ranges setting: Temperature range selection is made by dip switch on the printed circuit. 230° angulation set span. 

Temperature ranges: 30-110°C (85-230°F); 50-200°C (120-390°F); 50-300°C (120-570°F); 100-400°C (210-750°F); 100-500°C (210-930°F).

Temperature differential: Adjustable, by potentiometer with front access, from 0.5°C to 5.5°C (0.9 to 10°F) for temperature ranges 30-110°C (85-230°F); and 50-200°C (120-390°F), and 1 to 10°C (1,8 to 18°F) for other temperature ranges. 

Accuracy: +/-1% of scale (Pt100 sensor tolerances not included).

Control or manual reset selection: can be selected with a miniature dip switch on the circuit.

Power supply: 180 to 240V, 50Hz or 60Hz. 

Relay output: SPNO, 16A250V resistive, 100000 cycles. 

Relay action: Heating or cooling, open or close on temperature rise output relay action can be selected by a dip switch with access from front side. 

Ambient: -20+50°C, 10-85% RH.

 Power: <2W 

Electrical connections:

– Power supply and power relay: 2.5 mm² screw terminal block

-Temperature sensor: 1.5 mm² screw terminal block

– Manual reset: 1.5 mm² screw terminal block. 

Adjustment shaft: The thermostat is ships with a dia. 6mm with 4.6 mm flat shaft, length 11 mm, assembled. Included is also a set of: one 15mm shaft, one 28 mm shaft and one screw driver adjustment shaft.

Standards: Comply with LVD and EMC (CE certificate by TÜV), upon the following standards: EN55014-1:2006+A1+A2; EN55014-2: 1997+A1+A2; EN61000-3-2:2014; EN61000-3-3:2013; EN60730-1:2011; EN60730-2-9:2010, and ROHS compliance certificate.


2D&3D Drawing