Flow switch, ¾”male, full stainless steel, with 15A 230V rating

Flow switch, ¾”female, plastic body, fixed setting, for large series

Electronic wall thermostat, IP69K ingress protection

Electronic controller with digital display, wall mounting, IP69K ingress protection

300 DaN and 150 DaN glass bulb fire detection links

Eutectic alloy miniature fire detection links (robotic assembly)

Heat tracing connection boxes for 2 and 3 ways, with and without thermostat

Two directions tilt switch, 16A 250V, for electric heaters

Level switch with built-in 16A 230V relay and indicator lamp

Terminal blocks in PA66, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 poles 2.5mm².

3 and 5 poles 2.5mm² round ceramic terminal blocks. Ceramic connection block up to 50mm²

M16 ceramic cable entry for cables up to 10mm diameter

M20 and M24 cable gland in PA66.